Music video: Angel – “Nothing Wrong”

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A week after releasing his long-awaited new album WOMAN, the UK’s Angel plays to our ’90s nostalgia with the music video for “Nothing Wrong.” Like the majority of his project, the standout cut is heavily-influenced by ’90s R&B, and includes a slight interpolation of R. Kelly’s “Bump & Grind.”

The retro styled video was shot in New York City and features the singer/songwriter/producer cruising through neighborhood streets in a vintage convertible with his blonde haired female sidekick. Most of the moments are playful as they dance with the record, but a darker scene finds them masked up robbing a corner store.

“I don’t see nothing wrong (no, no, no, baby) / If you wanna come to mine,” sings Angel. “Bring them PJ’s, you can stay the night / I got ladies callin’ all the time / But they ain’t got nothin’ on you.”

The dopest part of “Nothing Wrong” actually comes in the middle when the song completely switches into a velvety smooth quiet-storm ballad. Throughout the video, a muppet-like character of Angel dances along, and in the later half the real Angel and his sexy co-star dance in a parking garage while counting their money.


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