R.I.P Antwon Rose, Killed By Police

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Pittsburgh Teen Killed By Police Once Wrote He Hoped His Mother Wouldn’t ‘Feel That Pain’ Of Burying Him

On June 19, Antwon Rose, a 17-year-old honors student from Pittsburgh, was reportedly gunned down by police during a traffic stop. Officers allegedly pulled the car over for what they claimed was an investigation of a nearby shooting. Rose and one other person were passengers. The driver was arrested. The other passenger, who escaped and has not been identified,  ran and Rose allegedly ran as well. He was shot in the back three times.

The officer from the Allegheny County Police Department who reportedly shot Rose is Michael H. Rosfeld who had only been sworn in 90 minutes before the incident, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.  Allegedly, the officer is now on paid leave.

More information is coming out about Rose, and the most heartbreaking may be a poem he wrote in May 2016, praying his mother wouldn’t have to bury him in the way she will have to now. He wrote, “I am not what you think / I’m confused and afraid / I wonder what path I will take / I hear that there’s only 2 ways out / I wonder what path I will take / I hear that there’s only two ways out / I see mothers bury their sons / I want my mom to never feel that pain / I am confused and afraid.” He was only in the tenth grade at the time. See below:


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