Celebrity gossip: Nelly Goes Off In Angry Rant After What His Dad Just Did With His Ex, Ashanti

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There comes a time in everyone’s life, where you just get pushed to the limit by someone who’s workin’ on your last ever-lovin’ nerve. Apparently, that day has come for Nelly and his pops. The St. Louis rapper/actor has just pretty much told his daddy that he’s ‘going down, down baby’ after what he’s just done with Nelly’s ex/singer, Ashanti.

Why Nelly Mad Tho?

As most of us already know, Nelly and Ashanti dated for many years on the low. They seemed inseparable actually, until suddenly one day they just split and the public never saw them together again. Word on the Old School curb is that the breakup was over something Ashanti allegedly did to Nelly during their relationship, but since they’ve never confirmed that, we won’t divulge any further details and/or allegations about it.

At any rate, whatever happened between them, is still stinging the HELL outta Nelly to this day. How do we know that? Well, because years after their breakup, he is HIGHLY pissed that his daddy, Cornell Hayes Sr., was spotted with Ashanti the other night. From the outside looking in, Nelly seems like a bitter, irate ex, because all his dad did was allow Ashanti to post of brief Snapchat video of himself backstage at her show, speaking on how much he’d enjoyed the concert.

However, following Ashanti’s Snapchat post, Nelly went on a Twitter AND Instagram rant from 12:21 a.m. all the way to 3:01 a.m.!  Talk about dedication, huh?

Nelly Publicly Cuts Dad Off Financially

He then called his dad out for not being a true father to him back in the day:

“Just because it’s ya DNA DONT MAKE YOU A FATHER..!!! Mine never saw me play sports never taught me anything never saw me graduate and I still took care of him for almost 20 years he never to care of me for half that..!!!! And till this day he still does what ever he wants even tho I pay his bills .. “WELL USE TO” ..!!! That’s Over as of tonight ..!!!”

Nelly then praised his mother for picking up the slack of not having his father their to support them:

He also shouted put all mothers who are like his mother:

Nelly: S/O to all the mamas that had to be fathers for the kids…to my mama who taught me how to catch and play ball took me to my game borrowed money to buy me cleats and stood up and cheered when I walked the stage .. I LOVE YOU Mama….!! I GET IT NOW TOTALLY..!!!

Overall, it seems like the innocent Snapchat video between Nelly’s ex-girlfriend Ashanti and his pops, was just the spark he needed, to finally get a plethora of things off his chest. Still waiting for Nelly him speak on why he has an issue (if any) with Ashanti though…that’s the one elephant in the room of this entire scenario, that Nelly skipped right over.

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