News: Uganda police arrest US citizen after viral video shows attack on hotel workers

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Uganda police arrest US citizen after viral video shows attack on hotel workers

Police in Uganda said they arrested a U.S. citizen this week after reviewing video that appeared to show him physically attacking hotel employees.

The official account for the Uganda Police Force wrote on Twitter Friday that they had arrested Jimmy Taylor after reviewing footage of the incident, which occurred at the Grand Imperial Hotel in Kampala, Uganda.

Taylor was detained at the Central Police Station in Kampala and is being charged with assault, police wrote on their official Twitter account.

“Thank you for your vigilance and sending us a video of an incident that happened at Grand Imperial Hotel. We have arrested the suspect, Jimmy Taylor, an American citizen,” the Uganda Police Force Twitter account wrote. “He was detained at the Central Police Station, Kampala on charges of assault. #CommunityPolicing

Video of the incident was posted on Facebook and shows a man, identified as Taylor, striking hotel workers and telling them to obey his orders.

The clip begins with Taylor jumping over the reception desk and knocking what appear to be glass items off of tables. He later comes to the hotel lobby where he is seen hitting one of the employees and accusing them of hating Jesus.

“F–k Uganda,” Taylor says in the video. “I’ve come to love Uganda, I’ve come to help Uganda, but Uganda hates Jesus through this son-of-a-bitch.

Taylor later states that the employees need to “obey what I say.”

“I don’t obey you,” he added. “You understand me? Open my goddamn room. N—-r bitch!”

Taylor claimed to Ugandan police that he is a missionary and a former U.S. Marine, according to The Kampala Post. Those claims have not been confirmed.

The news outlet noted that Taylor admitted to attacking a hotel worker while being questioned by police and blamed the incident on an illness that had led to increased stress.


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