News: South Africa Admonishes Trump’s Racist Conspiracy Theory Tweet

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The first and only time Trump has named Africa…..It is in defense of white land thieving settlers in South Africa.

The country’s minister of international relations said Trump’s tweet “is based on false information.”

South Africa’s government slammed President Donald Trump after he tweeted that his administration will study the country’s “land and farm seizures” and “the large scale killing of farmers.”

Trump’s tweet referred to a conspiracy theory that has been a talking point for white nationalists and neo-Nazis who have said problems with post-apartheid land reform amount to “white genocide.” The president tweeted about the subject Wednesday night after Fox News host Tucker Carlson discussed it on air

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Tucker Carlson, the clean-shaven racist, bigot and white supremacist

South Africa responded to Trump by saying it “totally rejects this narrow perception which only seeks to divide our nation and reminds us of our colonial past.”

“South Africa will speed up the pace of land reform in a careful and inclusive manner that does not divide our nation.

Lindiwe Sisulu, South Africa’s minister of international relations, said Trump’s tweet “is based on false information” and that the country will clarify the issue with the U.S. through diplomatic channels.

“Department of International Relations and Cooperation, SA

7 hours ago

DIRCO to meet with US Embassy following tweet on the land programme

The Minister of International Relations and Cooperation, Ms Lindiwe Sisulu, has noted the unfortunate comments on Twitter by the President of the United States of America, H.E. Donald J. Trump, on land redistribution and crime.

It is regrettable that the tweet is based on false information. The Minister has thus instructed the Department to meet with the US Embassy in Pretoria to seek clarification on the matter today, 23 August 2018.

Minister Sisulu will also communicate with Secretary of State Michael Pompeo on the matter through diplomatic channels. Minister Sisulu said South Africa has good political, economic and trade relations with the United Sates of America and that diplomatic channels remain open to provide clarity on issues of mutual interest.

Further comments will be made after the meeting between DIRCO and US embassy officials.

Enquiries: Mr Ndivhuwo Mabaya, 083 645 7838 or


OR Tambo Building
460 Soutpansberg Road

Under South Africa’s apartheid policy that institutionalized racial segregation, black citizens were prohibited from living on or owning land that was exclusively designated for white South Africans. When the country ended apartheid in 1994, whites owned almost all of the private land in South Africa even though they made up only about 10 percent of the population.

Despite some land redistribution reforms, a 2017 government audit found that white people, who make up 8.9 percent of the population, own 72 percent of private farmland. The ruling African National Congress has promised to ramp up redistribution efforts, including amending the constitution to allow the government to seize land without paying the owner.

The proposal has alarmed white farmers, and white lobbying group AfriForum has spread an untrue story of white farmer genocide in the country. There have been violent attacks against white farmers in the past, but data shows violence has been decreasing.

Patrick Gaspard, a former U.S. ambassador to South Africa, accused Trump of using the controversial tweet to distract attention from his recent legal woes.

Patrick Gaspard@patrickgaspard

The President of the US needs political distractions to turn our gaze away from his criminal cabal, and so he’s attacking South Africa with the disproven racial myth of “large scale killings of farmers”
This man has never visited the continent and has no discernible Africa policy

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